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New England - Rich In Robotic and Unmanned Systems Technologies
The New England Chapter of the Association of Unmanned Vehicles International (AUVSI) is dedicated to professional development, networking, public outreach, and advocacy in support of robotic and unmanned systems with a particular focus on the New England region.  While robotics have become common place in industrial manufacturing, the industry has evolved to cover land, air and maritime applications. 

New England has over 150 companies dedicated to the advancement, development and production of unmanned systems ranging from iRobot which produces the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner to Boston Dynamics (Google) which is developing the Petman anthropomorphic robot.  Applications range from household, to medical to civil to military and unmanned technologies can provide everything from cleaning services to search and rescue missions to saving lives by taking on what are today risky and life threatening jobs to study and enhance our world.

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