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Letter from the President: Fall 2017

Letter from the President

Monday, November 6, 2017
Dear Jeffrey:

Your AUVSI membership expires on 11/31/2017.

To continue receiving member benefits, please take a moment to renew your membership today.

Continuing your membership ensures access to all the benefits and features designed to keep you informed and connected:
Educational and networking opportunities through our meetings and events
Automated Vehicles Symposium
AUVSI's Remote Pilots Council
AUVSI Unmanned Systems-Defense
The latest industry information through
Unmanned Systems magazine
AUVSI's eBrief
Daily eBrief
AUVSI's Webinar Series
Increased industry visibility with lawmakers and regulators

Ready to renew?

Well, am I?

I joined AUVSI in late 2013. I joined because I was then just launching a company looking to make our place in the unmanned systems market, and I knew that an association like AUVSI would provide my partners and I with much needed industry connections and insight. I was particularly moved to join once I found out there was an active New England Chapter of this association, and many of the vendors, customers and potential partners we had identified were also affiliated with AUVSI and the New England Chapter. Once I made the commitment, the rewards and opportunities were even greater than I had anticipated.

The New England region is rich in the full spectrum of assets and entities that are so often critical to fostering a long term industry hub in any marketplace. We have a wealth of internationally recognized universities and institutions that turnout incredibly talented young professionals as well as providing the all important research and incubator labs where cutting edge technology can find its foothold and grow to its full potential. We have very smart and enthusiastic policy leaders who see the value and opportunity that unmanned and autonomous systems may hold, and they appreciate that the investments in today can provide for many years (decades?) of continual return to the region and its population. New England’s long standing as a home to the type of infrastructure that nurtures new ventures and provides a climate of support (and climatological challenges too!) means many companies come here, or outright start here, to take advantage of these offerings. Short of having any high altitude desert regions, we New Englanders can put your drone, autonomous vehicle, amphibious terrestrial robot, surface vessel or deep sea tools to the test.

It has been my pleasure (and my company’s benefit) to be a member of AUVSI, and additionally, to be a member with my affiliation connected to the New England Chapter. AUVSI New England was recognized this past spring with the Chapter of the Year award. This was earned in no small part by the efforts of our volunteer Board of Directors and Executive Committee. And through the support and participation of our regional members.

Our past presidents continue to work with the parent organization to advocate for the industry and drive ever broader outreach and market insight. The policy leaders and administrators with oversight of the industry and markets we serve trust the information and recommendations delivered through testimony, white papers and comprehensive data driven reporting to better understand where support is needed and how regulation can be crafted to enrich opportunity without sacrificing safety and security.

AUVSI represents over 7500 members across the globe. The role of these individuals is as diverse as any international trade association must be. Educators, researchers, students, early career professionals, senior project managers, C-Level executives and entrepreneurs at every stage are all among our roster. An AUVSI event provides attendees with opportunities to make new connections and build relationships with like minded parties and find new suppliers, partners and collaborators to expand your understanding of the industry and build value for your company or institution.

AUVSI’s focus has certainly evolved over the four decades it has been working on behalf of unmanned systems. But its mission has stayed true. We look to support our members by providing valuable resources in market trends, technology advancements and business opportunities. We strive to educate the thought leaders and policy professionals on best practices and road maps for success, and we communicate the value, safety and advancements technology can afford to society at large, pointing to beneficial impact on quality of life and working alongside a broad range of affiliate stakeholders to address concerns and considerations where responsibility meets opportunity.

So am I ready to renew? You betcha.

I hope you are too.

Jeffrey S. Adams
AUVSI New England

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