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Finding and retaining talent is a big challenge.

Unemployment levels have reached an all-time low, and the continued growth in the technology sector has created a clear shortage in available talent to fill positions in manufacturing, design, service and many other critical roles. Companies that seek to expand operations and markets must seek out qualified employees who will support their vision, and help them meet milestone objectives.

AUVSI New England will host the Robotica Workforce Development Summit at WPI Seaport in Boston to learn about current and future challenges and explore possible solutions to questions of recruitment, retention, and STEM pipeline development for new and established technology firms.

With insights from industry analysts, regional technology employers, education and training leaders, as well as state & regional workforce development policy leaders, we will explore a range of critical questions to help you manage workforce growth in your firm with an eye on future trends, challenges and opportunities.

What are current forecasts saying about skilled talent demands for the region in robotics-related fields?

How do successful companies attract top talent?

What measures and policies can you adopt to retain top talent?

As you continue to incorporate automation into your business, how will you retain a skilled workforce that feels like they are a part of the transformation?

What steps can we engage to ensure a stronger pipeline of STEM professionals for tomorrow's talent demand?

Join us on January 24th for the Workforce Development Summit, and learn why it's not just an HR issue


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