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A key part of the AUVSI’s advocacy mission is to inform congress about the Unmanned Vehicle Systems domain, issues that affect the industry and about the AUVSI itself. As you may know Congress is composed of House of Representatives made of 435 members each serving a two year term, and the Senate made up of 100 Senators (two from each state) serving six year terms. These term periods mean that there is a lot of change of the members, at least every two years, so it is necessary to meet the new members and their staff as they may not…
At the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Transportation Hearing on Autonomous Vehicles led, led by Chairman Straus and Chairman McGee, the chapter reviewed a number of bills listed below, and provided testimony supporting our members position across the diverse member base. Some of the assembled observers at the hearing Dr. Waseem Naqvi testifying to the Committee The Committee acknowledged that the Chapter serves the needs of small and large business, vehicle OEMs and third party suppliers, manufacturers and operators, and invited the chapter back for open candid exchange. Bills addressing: Autonomous Vehicles; Distracted Driving; Motor Vehicle Ops; Road and Bridge Namings…


New England UAS and AAM Summit 2022

Wed, 26 Oct 2022 - Thu, 27 Oct 2022
Join us for our annual fall summit - being held over two days this year!